Biblical and human experiences are replete with mistakes. Your attitude to mistakes or errors matter. Every mistake or error has a hidden message in it. Scientists and inventors have learnt how to convert the errors and mistakes of others to raw materials for remarkable inventors. The greatest fool is the man or woman who keeps repeating errors and mistakes.

Making mistakes is not a crime but repeating the same mistakes is somewhat criminal. The first step you must take is to take a look at your own life, ponder on instances when you made mistakes, evaluate the patterns of your mistakes and make corrections accordingly.

To grow in your Christian walk you must admit your errors, correct yourself and live a life that shows that you are no longer a candidate of the school of errors. Wisdom comes from learning from your mistakes, you can only re-invent yourself and achieve greatness from your mistakes, and you can only re-invent yourself and achieve greatness when you meticulously correct yourself from your past mistakes.


BY DR.D.K. OLUKOYA: From the book “Instructions of Champions”

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