You can also gather wisdom by learning from the mistakes of those around you. Those who have formed the habit of reading Christian biographies and good secular biographies often turn out to be wise, disciplined, and successful. You must take time to study Bible characters, identify their errors and pitfalls and learn how to live above their mistakes. Do not complain that there is nothing to learn. Every error or mistake is a curriculum for learning. Your own experiences are capable of turning you into an exceptional achiever. The experiences of other people around you will teach you lessons on daily basis. What you become in the future depends to a large extent, on your ability to learn. Those who have made grievous mistakes are teaching you how to avoid falling into those mistakes.

Your personal slips or somewhat silly errors should teach you how to avoid pitfalls that are deadly. The moment you stop learning from experiences you will find yourself falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of tragedies. Mistakes and errors, when observed, learnt from and corrected will place you on the pedestal of greatness. Be a learner. Learn from the foolish. Correct yourself and master the curriculum of life. By the time you learn appropriate lessons, make adjustments and move higher, nobody will ever remember your past failures and errors. Commit yourself to a lifetime of earning and correcting yourself.


BY DR.D.K. OLUKOYA: From the book “Instructions of Champions”

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